As the holidays draw closer, and my crazy shoot schedule slowly starts to subside, I find myself reflecting on another year in business and the consensus is, I truly believe I was born to do this. We all have a purpose, and this is mine.

Many days I sit here at my computer, going through the images we just captured, and I find myself laughing and crying throughout. With galleries going out left and right this time of year, I am reminded daily how thankful I am. Thankful that I get to do what I love. Thankful that my clients trust my vision. Thankful that I get to work with kids and be silly FOR A LIVING. Thankful that these families continue to come back to me and that many have become good friends over the years. Thankful that I get to work, but also have time to be a mother. Thankful for my ever-so-supportive husband and partner in this life.

And, thankful for sessions like this. Sessions that capture you in the comfort of your home, but also your adventurous spirit. Sessions that capture each unique individual personality, but also your relationships. Sessions with clients whose kids are starting to remember me right off the bat, so it’s that much more fun. Sessions where there are so many images I love, it’s impossible to narrow it down more than this… I am working on getting better at that!

From pillow fights to mommy kisses to stick collecting + tee-pee building, this session really just has it all and I am so excited to share it with you.



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It’s very hard to find the words to express just how much my job means to me. I’m so deeply humbled and grateful for the families who have been with me from the beginning, like, the beginning beginning. The ones who have stuck with me as my business has grown and changed over the years.

Danny and Jennifer booked with me when they were pregnant with their first baby girl. They bought a maternity + newborn package and I remember being so excited! A two shoot commitment was a big deal for me back then. We shot their maternity pictures at Union Station, and got kicked out of Olvera Street for not having a permit. haha… Awww, I was such an amatuer. I cringe a little bit looking at the images from that first shoot now. Thank god they love them… and I love them, but all I see is how much I have learned and how far I have come since that session. We have all come so far since that session.

These guys feel like family to me now. And, seeing their family grow while documenting all their big milestones along the way has been so incredibly special, words really cannot explain. My heart was so full working on this session. Enjoy!


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For some reason movie titles always enter my mind first when I’m trying to decide what to name a featured session, and this one kind of just popped in my head and stuck. I wouldn’t normally choose Santa Monica Pier as a location on a crowded summer afternoon, because well, the hustle is real. Photo shoots with kids are chaotic enough, but throw an insanely crowded location into the mix… I kind of don’t know what I was thinking.

But, this is a family that always tells me to pick our location. Every single shoot. And, I don’t mind it because I love the creative control. They will drive anywhere at whatever time I tell them too, and honestly, it’s glorious! Some of my favorite shoots have been with this family because they do whatever I say. Ha! However, we have shot so many times now over the years – at so many of my favorite locations, with all different vibes… I really wanted something different for this one.

So we went for it… And you know what, it worked!


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My heart explodes as I get to witness these little humans grow up. I am SO lucky I get to do what I do, and share in documenting these special years with so many families. The relationship we form is so dear to my heart, the memories and the inside jokes we share after shooting together year after year…  priceless. I will never take it for granted. Thank you to all my clients, for inviting me into your lives to capture your world through my lens. I am grateful for you everyday.


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