I often think about how these are the days. Right now, this is it. These are the days we will look back on as parents and reminisce about how it seems like just yesterday our babies were so little, and now they are off to high school or college, or running a business or about to get married. Every single person with grown kids will tell you, enjoy every minute – it goes by so fast. Not something we all enjoy hearing ALL THE TIME. I mean, when you are sleep deprived and covered in spit up half the day, the last thing we want to hear is “enjoy every minute”… In reality, it can be hard to enjoy every single minute, but I can see what they are saying.

From the outside looking in, it is much easier for me to see the beauty of this time in your current life – no matter what haze or chaos you might be functioning in with all that is going on in your life. And, this is my favorite part of what I do, documenting the moments I know you will look back on someday and say “wow, those were the days”. Even if you had come from a crappy day at work, or it was chaos getting everyone ready and out the door for our session. None of those things will actually matter in the grand scheme of things. You will only remember the beauty that we captured and the love that was there that day, and the rest will fall to the way side. Or at least that’s the hope.

Not only was this yet another very special time for another very special family, near and dear to my heart… but the weather was incredible, the location was perfect and the light, OH THE LIGHT… the light was pure magic. You’ll see. It all seemed like a dream to me and I couldn’t believe it was their first family photo shoot ever!! Such naturals these guys were. There are a million. I’m not even going to apologize… Enjoy!

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I have several gorgeous locations to recommend, but some times it’s nice just to shoot in a place that has sentimental meaning to you. That way, in 30 years you can look back on your images and have truly special memories that arise, in addition to your littles were little, of course. This family loves doing picnics at Barnsdall Art Park. If you are an LAist, you have probably heard of their summer events. Super fun. So, we galavanted around a bit and then settled for a cozy picnic with their super cutie six month old, Milo.

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I wish I’d known about day-after shoots when I got married 5 years ago, I would have booked one in a heart beat. To have the opportunity to get all gussied up again, put your dress back on and travel to a beautiful location for a more intimate, stress-free RELAXED photo shoot where you can truly focus on each other and relish in all the love… well, that just sounds too perfect to pass up. No timelines or guests to worry about. Your head isn’t in a whirlwind of wedding details. You are just there, together, to have fun and smooch. I mean, kind of a no brainer.

These two actually got married last October, and while they both describe it as an incredibly beautiful and unforgettable day, they decided they wanted some more relaxed, candid images to remember this time together. So, we hiked all around Malibu and celebrated their love for an entire afternoon. Danced in fields and listened to the wind in the trees, we went slow (well, partially bc I was seven months pregnant at the time… haha) and took it all in. It was perfect.

Wishing these two all the happiness in the world… Maybe we’ll meet again someday. <3

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The two words I never want to hear come out of my clients mouth… “we’re moving”. I am such a supporter of adventure and making changes for the better, but selfishly I get so sad when I hear that news.

One of my families recently referred to me as the “photojournalist” of their lives. It’s such a great way to describe what I do, and why I love it so. We get to know each other in such a special way. I learn your quirks and inside jokes. I know what will get those natural smiles out of mom and dad, and your kids only get more comfortable with me as the years go by, which makes the images that much better. And then sometimes you have to move, and then I get sad. But that’s okay! Someday our paths may cross again… and when that day comes we will exchange stories and laugh and catch up…. We will pick up where we left off.

Best to these beauts in their move out of state! We celebrated their last couple weeks in LA with a session in Venice Beach, exploring the Venice Canals and then hitting the sand for a bit. Was a lovely close to my chapter with them. Until next time!

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I’m a little bit obsessed with mommy and me sessions lately. Of course, I love the papas, but there is something so wonderful about a mama’s bond with her babies. I have seen motherhood completely transform people right before my eyes and it’s pretty magical, so naturally I love to capture it through my lens. I’ve been documenting these two for a couple years now and the love and trust between them is beyond comprehension. I have always loved being their “fly on the wall” and feel so honored to have been invited into this journey with them. Enjoy.

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