Why is it so hard to see the magic of parenthood, when you are the parent?

The other day, my mom said to me, “You are doing such a great job with your kids”. While these words mean so much coming from my mom, I shrugged it off because I had just been having such a rough go with my 4yo (going on 14yo), and it sure didn’t feel like I was doing a great job in that moment. I had actually been feeling pretty fed up, and like a bit of a failure, to be honest. Being a parent is harrrrrd, and like my mother-in-law says, “it is not for the faint of heart”. Ain’t that the truth.

But, this got me thinking about my friends, and fellow mothers, and some of my clients – who work so hard every day, and love on their kids like no other, and are constantly feeling defeated. I know the feeling well. I’m sure every parent does. But as an outsider, and especially as a photographer, I am ALWAYS witnessing those magical moments that are sometimes so hard to see when you are IN it.

This was one of those special sessions where I saw so much of that magic, most of which I was probably the only one to see… until I delivered the images. That’s when they got to see what I see.

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I always walk into newborn sessions expecting a little bit of chaos. It’s the norm when you bring a new baby home, especially with a toddler in tow. Not even phased by it, it’s just USUALLY the way life is. But this family could not have had it more together! I was actually kind of phased by their togetherness. Their house was immaculate. Their babies were a dream. Everyone was chill and easy going. Good conversation. They even bought me lunch. I went home like, what just happened? Ha!

Thank you, prefect family, for a most perfect shoot. 


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I have had several exciting moments in my career as a full time photographer. The first one definitely being when I booked my first paying client unsolicited in 2010. They saw my photos, they liked my work, and they reached out to hire me… what a great feeling!! That was the first time I felt like, wow – maybe this IS what I am meant to be doing?!

My business began to grow pretty organically from there, and each new client was like another little victory. Then, my first celebrity client came along, and that was super exciting too… But I have to say, the moment that trumps them all so far, is when a fellow photographer – like a really good, legit working photographer who has photographed every A-List celebrity under the sun – hires you to photograph their family. That, my friends, was most definitely it for me. As picky as I am in hiring photographers to shoot my family, it is such a compliment and an honor.

We’ve been shooting for years now, and funny enough, our kids ended up at the same preschool so now we are friends too.

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I am always in awe of the women who breeze through pregnancy without any nausea or heart burn, experience minimal discomfort, barely gain a pound and basically look like a super model before, during and immediately after birth. I want to say it’s unfair because I was not blessed with easy pregnancies, but this beautiful being is just as sweet and real and raw, and deserving of all the good that comes her way. She took to motherhood like nobody’s business and continues to blow my mind with all her ease and grace.

Sending so much love to you and that baby girl, Danielle. Here are my favorites from our afternoon together.

PS. Thank you for saving me from that snake… in the middle of the desert… while pregnant.

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The only thing better than make believing with kids, is make believing with adults. Every family I shoot with is so unique, and it’s those individual qualities that I love to capture so very much. But my favorite is when mom and dad can really let loose and and get silly with us. There is something really special that happens when our children feel we are present with them. The snuggles get 100x better, and the love kind of just radiates… and THAT my friends, is what I’m looking to create at our session. Play with your kids. Love your kids. That is your only job. And if you can do that, I promise we will make magic.

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