Those first days home…

[SAN FRANCISCO] I have been around cameras and taking pictures for as long as I can remember, so when I officially started my business I was comfortable photographing pretty much anything. But then requests for newborn sessions started popping up and suddenly I was terrified. Even though it was pictures of my friend’s 2 day old baby that essentially got my business off the ground, I hadn’t been around that many newborns and the thought of handling the tiny little things made me nervous. Not to mention, I had no idea “newborn photography” was a thing… so I started researching, watching tutorials and learning all the tricks of the trade. As time went on, I began feeling more confident but something still felt off. My clients were happy but I was never fully satisfied, and then it hit me… I was so focused on how all these other people shoot newborns, I never really stopped to think about how I want to capture them. Don’t get me wrong, their tips were really helpful. But I strive for authenticity, I love documenting people and their lives.

It occurred to me that maybe I need to worry less about getting the perfect “poses” (because that’s not my thing anyway) and focus more on capturing the whirlwind of emotion that is happening right before my eyes. The intense love, the quiet moments, the diaper changes, the realness that comes in those first days home from the hospital…  and I have loved every newborn session since. Like everything else, I just needed to find my vision and stay true to myself. In my experience, recreating someone else’s work has always resulted in a pretty terrible outcome. So yeah, you live and you learn. Anyway, with all that said, this is Everett, born to some of my dear friends in San Francisco. I’m not sure he could be anymore perfect. We had a lovely morning at their home, ooooohing and ahhhhing, and falling in love with his perfect little face. Enjoy.


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